Danny Leclerc

Dance Technician


To Danny,
Life is dancing          
Dancing is his life                
Dancing is his passion
Dancing is his world

For more than 45 years, this is what drives Danny. His every breath, every thought, every step, keeps him close to his great love, his great passion… dancing!

As a teenager, Danny takes up social style dancing and for the first 10 years, he is a student and competitor (FLDQ). He then continues in International Dance Style (ISTD/CDTA) for another 10 years, often winning one of the top three positions.

Next, he adds hustle/disco for couples and acrobatic rock’n roll to his repertoire and judges all Rock’n Roll championships sanctioned ACRRA and even the WRRC Montreal world championship.

In August 1981 he graduates to Social Dance Professional (FLDQ) and
begins his own dance school.

Approximately fifteen years ago, he drops everything to concentrate his activities on country dance: line dance and couples only.

He founds and manages the first professional international Quebec country dance troupe, the Country Dancin’ Team, and judges the majority of country dance competitions in Quebec.

After various representations/shows/workshops in Quebec, New Brunswick and France…a rodeo accident, in May ‘99, puts him out for almost two years. A double hip fracture inflicted by a bull called Billy Bonnie (a name he is not likely to forget) at the Rodéodome in La Plaine (Quebec) leaves him with certain limitations at the hip level.  On the positive side, however, this results with him meeting some really wonderful people.

During his recovery, he is elected Vice-President for the Eastern Canada Cowboy Association (Association des Cowboys de l’Est du Canada) ACEC (1990-2000) and Vice-President for the association of professional line dancing teachers (l’Association Professionnelle de Danse en Ligne) APDEL (2000-2001).

Already certified APDEL Country, he passes his tests to become trainer in country dance and two years later, the first examiner in country dance.

With the National Teachers Association (NTA), he obtains his Fundamentals, Line Dance Grade 1 and 2.

With his strong return in country dance, he changes the name of his school for a more realistic appellation: École Nationale CowBoy National School. Canadian culture and linguistic duality added to his passion for Country explain his choice.

Always motivated in perfecting his country dance education and with the best in country dance on the American side, he adds Couple Level 1 and Level 2 from NTA to his repertoire. Not only does he become the first French Canadian authorized to use the title of NTA Accredited Level 2 Instructor, he becomes the Quebec Director (2003-2007) of this American association (NTA).

In March 2004, he is elected to the board of directors of the French association:  Fédération Francophone de Country Line Dance (FFCLD) as representative for North America.  This covers France, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Canada. He ceases his involvement in 2007 due to time constraints.

In April (2005-    ), he is accepted as a member of the International Dance Council (CID), headed by UNESCO, an organisation which regroups all forms of dance professionals.

In January 2006, he is invited to the premier of Méga Stage in Tours, France, where his famous Workshop de Perfectionnement sees the light of day in France. There, he also teaches his line dance and partnered choreographies, and also introduces the Night Club, WCS, ECS and 2-Step.  The Méga Stage is open to all and lasts two entire days.  The third day is reserved for professionals and animators from France: here he meets approximately thirty who will propagate his dances in France and more (even in Luxembourg).
In February of the same year, he participates in the NTA Dance Camp in Kansas City (USA) where he teaches some of his choreographies in workshops and also takes advantage of this time to get an update with the NTA.

Danny’s notoriety, popularity and incredible breakthrough in the world of country dance are disturbing; the management of the NTA ask him to abandon his position and review their whole system of gratifications.  He then decides to turn the page on the folk who no longer wish to work with him in the advancement of country dance and to keep going with those who do. He also continues with his improvement workshops (Workshops de Perfectionnement) and his line dance and couple dance courses.

In June, the French are given the opportunity to meet his wife Sylvie. He dispenses courses in 5 different regions of France: Nogent-sur-Marne (94), Quetigny (21), St-Médard-en-Jalles (33), Sanscoins (18) and Tours (33).

In July 2006, he is Master of Ceremony for the first Country Dance World Competitions of the IAGLCWDC which brings together more than 107 countries in Montreal.  This event is a part of the 1st World Outgames.

In November 2006, he provides training in Biganos (33) and La Balme de Sillery (74).

In January 2007, it is the 2nd edition of Mega Stage in Tours…another major success.  Shortly after, in February, he is in Larringes (74), France.

In July, it is the Festival de Tercé and a first for a Québécois in Chenens and in Bienne in Switzerland.

In October, he is back in France for the APDEL training in Mérignac (33), in Poitiers for the Rock’n Roll, Waltz and Country instruction and finally training in Bornel (75).

2008 is hardly more peaceful, training courses in Crassier (VD) Switzerland, Larringes (74) and Tercé (86) France in February, Ste-Thérèse (PQ) Canada in July and August, Versailles (76) and Oissel (78) France in September, Quebec City (PQ) Canada in October and Vivonne (86) as well as Miramas (13), France in November…

2009 turns out to be a year for positioning.  Danny writes « Terminologie de Danse Country », deposits it at the Bibliothèque Nationale du Canada and registers copyrights. It is available for free consultation on his web site. 

He then puts together the North American Country Dance Championship (Championnat Nord-Américain de Danse Country) which is held within the Mirabel Equestrian Festival (Festival Équestre de Mirabel) in August. This competition is sanctioned by APDEL and the judges are all qualified graduates. 

More travelling in July; off to the Copenhagen (Denmark) Outgames which regroups some 75 countries.  In addition to being Official Canadian Judge at this World Country Western Dance Competition, he also gives some professionnal formation workshops there.

Discussions are also entamed for the 2010 Danish Championship and a Danish workshop tour. September 17th, he is honored by the City of Blainville. Mayor François Cantin decerns him the Honor Certificate called Blainville, Tu m'inspires!. During an official ceremony, he is rewarded for having been choosen as judge for this international competition. Official gifts, certificate and pictures make that special moment last forever.

Finally, in November, began a 30-day tour of the north of France (Versailles, St-Cyr, Bruxeroles, Montamise, Foret-Fouesnant and Oissel) to train competitors, animators and to give week-end workshops.  His famous improvement workshop (Workshop de Perfectionnement) is still very sought-after.

In August 2010, 2nd edition of the North American Country Dance Championship during a huge festival in Mirabel, local journalist Caroline d’Astous wrote down his passion for dance and the City bi-monthly Blainville en Couleur had an article on him. 
November 2010, back in France : Moreuil (80) and Boissière des Landes (79).

2011 would have been a year of return to basics : Familly, city, Country festivals, relax and travel in Québec, the need to gain some energy and show his presence in his own country.  He held his 3rd American Country Dance Championship in August,  modest, but successfull, dedication of the flag of the City of Blainville by François Cantin the Mayor himself, prestation of the Country singer Steve Surprenant and the competition itself with around 30 participants.

2012 would have been a continuity, in addition, his passion for ballroom dancing came back.  He wrote Huellas en la arena and Only Time, two non country choreographies.  He wishes them to travel around the world like C’est la vie, ELT and few others.

By the way, ELT was part of the dance competition at the TYROLEAN LINE DANCE CHALLENGE 2012, Tyrol (Austria).  That competition was Country Catalan Style and had competitors from Switzerland, France, Italy and Spain.

At the end of 2012, he prepares a France Tour for April 2013.

Back in France: Lac des Rouges Truites, Jura (39) April 6th line dance workshops, Montpellier (34) April 12, 13 and 14th, technique workshop, line dance and private competitors coaching, Poitiers (86) technique workshops and line dancing April 20th and 21st . Coyote Café a mix of Night Club and Rumba will please more than one.

Another very full year!  To sum it up: a very busy Danny…

Danny appreciates to know his choreographies are danced across France and around the world : Budapest (Hungary), Naustdal (Norway), Tyrol (Austria)Chenens, Berne (Switzerland), Barcelona - Cataluna (Spain), Tallinn (Estony), Grand Fall (New-Brunswick) many places in USA and Canada
He is always surprised to see dance scripts written with caracters he does not even know.

In the meantime, at his home in Quebec, he devotes himself to training professors (for the APDEL exams), line and couple competitors, judging championships, giving workshops in different places on dance technique and choreographies which he has created, and this, in addition to initiations to country dance, animations and acting DJ for certain special events… He is also working on translating, improving his terminology and a new teacher formation program based on body movement and enjoyment of dancing.

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